Articles by Amitai Etzioni

A Conversation Continued: Debating Democracy

In the opening round of an exchange on democracy promotion that will continue over the coming weeks, five TNI authors examine themes and questions raised in Paul Saunders's essay.

Thomas CarothersAndrew J. BacevichE. Wayne MerryRobert W. MerryAmitai Etzioni

The Lessons of Kosovo

It is a good time to review the developments in Kosovo since 1999, which highlight the dire consequences of excessively ambitious long-distance social engineering and centralism in name of nation-building.

Security First

The Bush Administration’s focus on democracy overlooks the need for security.

Amitai Etzioni

Enforcing Nuclear Disarmament

Nigeria, Kazakhstan, the Congo: What do they have in common? All have nuclear reactors with the blessing of the UN. Is this "counter-proliferation" fit for an age of terror.

Amitai Etzioni