Articles by Ted Galen Carpenter

A View to a Coup?

Advocates of toppling the mullahs in Iran need a stiff dose of reality.

Ted Galen CarpenterJessica Ashooh

Future War: Taiwan

A plausible scenario for a Sino-American clash in the Taiwan Strait.

Ted Galen Carpenter

Rethinking Non-Proliferation

Some states are more equal than others. America's non-proliferation strategy should reflect this reality.

Ted Galen CarpenterCharles V. Peña

Coming Home

President Bush's decision (on Monday, August 16) to withdraw a significant portion of America's military presence in Europe and East Asia is an essential first step in ending the international military subsidies the governments of these regions have

Strategy Creep in the Balkans: Up To Our Knees and Advancing

Bosnia and the rest of the Balkans are Europe's hangnail, not its heart. Developments there may be disgusting and tragic, but they have meager potential to disrupt even the European, much less the global, strategic environment.

Ted Galen CarpenterAmos Perlmutter