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A Letter From Berlin

After the debacle of the Iraq War and the Guantánamo scandal, Germans are not so much opposed to America as indifferent to it, says senior editor Jacob Heilbrunn writing from Berlin.

Race-And Foreign Policy

On Tuesday Barack Obama said that America needs to move beyond racial accusations and start finding solutions. Would he extend that same pragmatism to foreign policy?

Jacob's Jottings: Blog Wars

As Republicans fall into line behind presumptive nominee John McCain on foreign policy, Democrats continue to cut each other down. The setting for this epic battle? The blogosphere.

NIE Madness

2005: Tehran is building a nuclear weapon. 2007: Maybe not. History shows that it’s probably best to take the latest National Intelligence Estimate with a grain of salt.

German Fictions

An exchange on Jacob Heilbrunn's recent portrait of Germany's new literary Right.

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Germany's Illiberal Fictions

From Thomas Mann to Günter Grass, German novelists have for years provided the outside world with an insight into their country's political culture. It's not a pretty picture.

Jacob Heilbrunn