Army Plans Prototype New Light Tank To Keep Pace With Russia

The Russian 2S25 Sprut-SD air transportable light tank, according to Russian news reports, weighs roughly 20 tons and fires a 125mm smoothbore gun. It is designed to attack tanks and support amphibious, air or ground operations. The vehicle has been in service since 2005.

The US Army plans to build prototypes in the next several years of a new lightweight Mobile Protected Firepower armored vehicle expected to change land war by outmatching Russian equivalents and bringing a new dimension to advancing infantry as it maneuvers toward enemy attack.

Why America Needs a New Upper Stage Rocket More Than a Russian RD-180 Replacement

Space launch vehicles usually require multiple stages to accelerate the spacecraft to speeds necessary to place payloads in their intended orbits. The first or boost stage, at the base of the rocket, is the largest and produces the greatest amount of thrust as this is when the launch system is the heaviest. Upper stages are generally smaller and lighter, exploiting the work done by the first stage to provide the final, high performance acceleration to the speeds required to attain an orbit above the atmosphere.

How Just One Simple Design Error Sank an American Nuclear Attack Submarine

But a loss of electrical power was only half of the problem. According to Navy testimony provided in 2003 to the House Science Committee, the crew was unable to access vital equipment to stop the flooding. As the submarine took on water, the ballast tanks failed to operate. Investigators believe restrictions on the air system and excessive moisture in the air system led to a buildup of ice in the ballast valves, preventing them from being blown and counteracting the effects of the flooding.