Who Killed the Patriot Act?

The Patriot Act failed to pass the House, thanks to some recalcitrant Tea Party members who refused to vote for it. It was supposed to be put on a fast track that required a two-thirds majority. House members, who are usually easily rolled, finally showed a little gumption by rebelling. The vote suggests that the GOP will have increasing difficulties with the Tea Party whose anti-government credo isn't just rhetoric.

Why Israelis Fear Arab Democracy

There is no doubt that the upheaval in Egypt has badly shaken Israel, as well as shaking the strongest American backers of Israeli policies. At first glance this may seem logical because of the importance to Israel of the peace with Egypt, which has endured for more than three decades. At second glance a worry about maintaining the peace with Egypt is not so logical.

A Serious Man: the Return of Donald Rumsfeld

[amazon 159523067X full]Donald Rumsfeld is a serious man. The cover of his engrossing, informative, and well-written memoir shows the former two-time defense secretary and fighter pilot wearing a fleece vest, brown shirt open at the neck, and blue jeans. He is casual but confident, at peace with himself, leaning against a wooden fence with mountains faintly in the background, presumably at his Jackson Hole retreat. He could be a wealthy business executive enjoying his retirement about to go horseback riding on his ranch.