Why the Tea Party Is Right About Defense Spending

My new hero is Rep. Chris Gibson. Gibson, a Tea Party member, laid it on the line the other day at a congressional hearing. While other Republicans bluster about maintaining spending, Gibson, who served in the military, observed that the growing national debt is itself a threat to our national security.

Obama's Gauzy State of the Union

President Obama keeps returning to his theme of a reunited union. In the aftermath of the Arizona shootings, it has become a popular, if somewhat vague, political theme. Obama, in his gauzy invocation of a return to American greatness, sounds increasingly like Ronald Reagan. His 2012 campaign theme may be that it is dawn in America again.

Custodians of the Arsenal

This week I visited the Los Alamos National Laboratory—the oldest of the national labs, born as part of the Manhattan Project and still occupying the mesa in northern New Mexico where J. Robert Oppenheimer assembled during World War II the brainpower that figured out how to make atomic bombs.