The Brain General

General Peter Chiarelli has had the sort of career one would expect from a combat arms officer who rose to become Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, including commands at every level from platoon to corps and a variety of senior staff positions. But in his current job as the Army's second highest officer he sounds more like a psychiatrist or neurologist. Chiarelli has been leading the Army's efforts to address health problems that have anything to do with soldiers' brains, including traumatic brain injuries sustained in combat and everything coming under the label of mental health.

How Obama Decides

President Obama's decision last week on troop withdrawals from Afghanistan has provided grist for commentary about how Mr. Obama makes policy and whether that process has changed.

Europe's Embattled Youth

Europe is not experiencing a crisis. It faces crises. One such is soaring youth unemployment in southern Europe. The headline in the Berlin Tagesspiegel today says it all: "In Spain and Greece a good education is not sufficient to get a job. That could harm Germany as well." Indeed it could.