Avoid U.S. Meddling in Possible Iranian Upheaval

A British diplomat, annoyed at President Theodore Roosevelt’s egotism, observed that TR was so determined always to be the center of attention that “when he attended a wedding he wanted to be the bride, and when he attended a funeral he wanted to be the deceased.” All too often, the United States acts in much the same way in its conduct of foreign policy.

The Return of Bernie Madoff

Bernie Madoff is talking. That's a big deal. Madoff fell off the charts as various crises erupted around the world. Back in the USA, the economy seems to be perking up, which has also relegated Madoff to obscurity, at least where the television cable channels are concerned.

Avoiding Extremism in Egypt (and Beyond)

Easy now—let's not get too wildly enthusiastic about the blow for democracy that has been struck in Egypt. The current regime is, after all, a military dictatorship. There will more to be said in the weeks and months ahead about the generals who are now running the show.

Obama's Crafty Press Conference

President Obama was at his most conciliatory at his press conference. To listen to him, you might think that the budget differences between Democrats and Republicans are about as divisive as figuring out which brand of yoghurt to purchase. Obama is a master of sanding down differences, at least rhetorically, emitting a blur of words to disguise conflict. He returned to his familiar evocation of "folks" several times. What "folks," specifically? He never said.