The Air Force Will Soon Get One of These Light Attack Planes

The Air Force is now finalizing requirements documentation, planning a new round of combat-scenario assessments and refining an acquisition strategy for its fast-tracked new Light Attack aircraft.The Air Force plans a new round of tests and experiments for the new aircraft – a new multi-role aircraft intended to fill specific and highly dangerous attack mission requirements amid circumstances where the US has achieved air supremacy.

Here Is How the Army Blinded German Troops (With Tanks?)

In March 1945, the rapidly advancing U.S. Army’s 9th Armored Division — to its surprise — found itself at Ludendorff Bridge over the Rhine at Remagan; one of the two surviving bridges into the heart of Germany. The bridge was a considerable prize and its capture would shorten the war. The Germans, desperate to stop the offensive, threw everything that had at the bridge in repeated attempts to destroy it.

Japan's Air Force: The Best in Asia?

With tensions rising all over Asia, Japan has been embarking on a program of rearmament in order to take a more proactive posture in the region. One of the critical pieces in this puzzle is the Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF). The JASDF fields a wide variety of aircraft, most American made. However, Japan’s indigenous technology industry has produced many upgrades for these aircraft, making them more capable than the originals in some aspects.