America Needs Allies, Not Dependents

America’s international position is distinguished by its alliance networks. Presidential candidates decry today’s dangerous world, yet the United States is allied with every major industrialized power, including China and Russia. It is a position Washington’s few potential adversaries must envy.

Unfortunately, littering the globe with security commitments is costly. Equally important, America’s defense and support transforms friends and allies into dependents. The principle is the same as domestic welfare. Why do it yourself if someone else will?

Should America Resurrect the Lethal F-22 Raptor?

Several prominent leaders in the national defense community are calling upon the Pentagon to re-start production of the high-speed F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jet which began air attacks against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria.

Citing Russian and Chinese stealthy fighter jet advances, Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va., and former Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne wrote an OPED in the Wall Street Journal describing the current fleet of F-22s as massively insufficient to address today’s fast-changing global threat environment.

The U.S. Navy’s Elite VFA-195 Dambusters in Action

Lone among the U.S. Navy’s mighty Nimitz-class carriers, USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)—and its accompanying air wing CVW-5—is forward deployed in Japan to maintain America’s presence in the Western Pacific. The massive carrier and its escorts serve as a deterrent to would-be adversaries in the region, which include Russia, China and North Korea.