America, Japan and South Korea Are Planning a Two-Day Missile Defense Drill

This recent THAAD intercept unquestionably pertains to fast-mounting tensions between the US and North Korea because, in the event of a military confrontation, many suspect North Korea will fire a barrage of conventional ballistic missiles into neighboring South Korea. Naturally, this prospect creates a very serious threat to US military personnel and civilians throughout northern South Korea, especially areas in and around the South Korean capital of Seoul.

America Might Build a New Cruise Missile (And We Can Thank Russia)

The United States remains committed to preserving the landmark 1987 Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, which is marking its 30th anniversary on December 8. However, the United States will start looking at military options—including the development of a new cruise missile—to counter what it sees as Russian violations of the bilateral agreement that bans land-based missiles with ranges of between 500 km and 5500 km.

The Army's Has Over 100,000 'New' M4A1 Rifles - Here's What They Can Do

Despite the fact that the particular M4A1+ effort did not move forward, Army officials explain that market surveys regarding improvements to the weapon will continue; in addition, Army developers explain that the service is consistently immersed in effort to identify and integrate emerging technologies into the rifle as they become available. As a result, it is entirely conceivable that the Army will explore new requirements and technologies for the M4A1 as time goes on.