The Military Imperative

Bob Woodward has positively contributed to our understanding of how national security policy gets made, notwithstanding the criticisms that can legitimately be directed at his version of first-draft-of-history, with its unsourced channeling of score-settling among contending officials.  The early teasers in the press from his newest book suggest he has made another such contribution, about the making of the Obama adminis

Bob Woodward's War

[amazon 1439172498 full]There's something a little odd about seeing Bob Woodward's new book on the Obama administration, which is available today, being discussed in a front page article in the Washington Post, the newspaper where Woodward serves as associate editor. But then again, Woodward occupies a kind of totemic position in Washington, DC. The appearance of a tome by him is a chance for administration officials to settle scores, point fingers, and offer their own spin.

A Glimpse into Israeli Priorities

Israel, and American supporters of Israeli policies, have described the construction of Israeli settlements in occupied territory in various ways intended to portray Palestinian and (during the brief period it lasted) U.S. insistence on stopping the construction as an unreasonable imposition of preconditions for negotiations.