The New Amnesia

When it comes to terrorism, our memories are either too short or too long. Too short given that, in the absence of a recent attack, we try to convince ourselves that either it can’t or won’t happen again or that our response to the last one was perhaps exaggerated or excessive or even hyped by politics and emotion.

The Ineffable Lobby

[amazon 0374177724 full]Lately one hasn't heard much of the screaming against the observation that supporters of a certain Middle Eastern state exercise influence over U.S. policy that is well out of proportion to what a clear focus on U.S. interests would dictate. That's because the observation doesn't get voiced very much.  The screaming reached a crescendo three years ago when John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt published their book on the subject.

North Korea's New Young Eun

North Korea's plans for dynastic succession appear to be moving ahead smoothly. The country's reclusive leader Kim Jong Il has promoted his son and sister right before a special party congress. Kim Jong Eun, who is in his twenties, has become a 4-star general. So has his aunt, Kim Kyong Hui.