The Significance of Tom Donilon's Rise to Power

Much press attention has focused on President Obama's shakeup of his economic team. But his foreign policy team is due for one as well. The announcement today that national security adviser James L. Jones will be succeeded by his deputy Tom Donilon is Obama's first move. His next will be to replace Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who is eager to resign.

The elevation of Donilon clearly signals that Obama is positioning himself to leave Afghanistan. Forget the policy review that is due. The die is cast. Obama is not going to turn himself into a hostage of the Afghan war.

What Terrorism Alerts Say about Ourselves

The uselessness to the public of the recent vague official alerts about possible terrorist attacks in Europe has been noted by several commentators.  Our government told us not that we should revise travel plans but that we should take sensible precautions such as being aware of our surroundings.  Sounds like standard advice for any foreign traveler, terrorist threat or no terrorist threat.

Israel's Sinister Loyalty Oath

So who's calling the shots in Israel? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu already had to endure the ignominy of his racist foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman announcing at the United Nations that the current peace talks are a sham.