To the White House, Steve Clemons

Steve Clemons, the editor of the Washington Note, can leave behind a vertiginous feeling, as you try and follow his various activities, ranging from blogging to worldwide travel, from holding forth at his perch at the New American Foundation to holding salons at Restaurant Nora with Washington figures.

Bin Laden, Dead or Alive

[amazon 0743278933 full]Peter Bergen, who is as knowledgeable as anyone about Osama bin Laden, provides an informative status report about the hunt for his subject in an essay adapted from his new book The Longest War. Bergen argues that although the trail of bin Laden has grown cold, it is important to keep going after him. The issues involved are old.

Israel and the Mythical Peace Process

A big event is often seen as the precursor to a breakthrough in the Middle East peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. Saddam Hussein has been defeated? Time for peace. Now the latest ructions in Egypt are reigniting the call for peace. German chancellor Angela Merkel told Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday that it's time for--what else?--new talks with the Palestinians, citing the "troubled times" in Egypt and Tunisia as rendering it "even more important to get on with the peace process."

The Freedom Agenda Revisited

Given the neoconservative failure in the Middle East, as manifested in the results of the George W. Bush administration's policy in the region, I suppose it is not surprising that neocons would creatively seize upon any new happening there in an effort to salvage some sort of vindication.