Boeing Is Working on a Mach-5 Spy Plane

In early January 2018, Boeing announced it’s developing a concept for a hypersonic reconnaissance and strike drone that could compete with Lockheed’s own SR-72. Both Boeing’s “Valkyrie II”concept and Lockheed’s “Son of Blackbird” could be capable of cruising at speeds exceeding Mach 5, potentially allowing them to evade all but the most sophisticated enemy defenses.

Revealed: The Army and Air Force Are Working on New War Plans for the Future

The Army and the Air Force are launching a new, collaborative war-gaming operation to assess future combat scenarios and, ultimately, co-author a new inter-service cross-domain combat doctrine.

The concept of cross-domain fires, something inspiring fast-growing attention at the Pentagon, is grounded in the premise that future war challenges will require air, land, sea, space and cyberspace synergies to a much greater extent than may have been envisioned years ago.

Israel Is a Superpower Thanks to Nuclear Weapons. This Is How They Got Them.

Feinberg was one of the seventeen millionaires that comprised the Sonneborn Institute. In 1958, Feinberg turned to many of the same members of the Sonneborn Institute, as well as many other Jewish leaders in North America and Europe, in order to raise the money for the Dimona nuclear project after Ben-Gurion’s appeal in 1958. He was widely successful: again, according to Karpin, “The secret fund-raising campaign began at the end of 1958, and continued for two years. Some twenty-five millionaires contributed a total of about $40 million dollars.”