Greek Tragedy

George Tenet’s memoir is basically about two stories: the fight against Al-Qaeda both before and after 9/11 and the Iraq War. And on these matters, his story—if not always his performance—is basically on target.

Beyond American Hegemony

The United States should abandon its futile attempt to secure global hegemony in favor of a concert-of-power foreign-policy strategy.

Michael Lind

Missed Connections

Americans think Russia is headed in the wrong direction, but perhaps they should hold the mirror up to themselves when assigning blame for the new chill in U.S.-Russia relations.

Alexey Pushkov

Family Feud: The Law in War and Peace

American law treats terrorism like an act of war, not a crime. The fact that Europeans don’t doesn’t make their way better.

David B. Rivkin, Jr.Lee A. Casey

Doctrinal Faith

Unflinching loyalty to the Bush Doctrine leads Robert Kaufman astray in his study of American foreign policy—and Truman, Reagan and Bush do not make a three-of-kind.