Retreat from Globalization

Bush appeases the anti-globalizers; the Democrats embrace them; the economy bubbles along; and the clouds gather.

Ian Campbell

The Cost of Living

How much should we spend to save an innocent child's life--and don't say it's priceless.

Matthew C. Weinzierl

Goodbye To Berlin?

A declining Germany gets no respect from Red State America--yet it wants a veto over U.S. policy. Surrendering this conceit is the first step back toward influence.

Walter Russell Mead

Hegemonic Quicksand

Global domination is a self-defeating goal. Global leadership is not.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Leashing the Dogs of War

With regard to the laws of war, the United States and Europe now operate under completely different legal codes.

David B. Rivkin, Jr.Lee A. Casey

Counsel to Britain

How to stay independent and close to the United States at the same time.

Conrad Black