An Inner Circle of One: Woodrow Wilson and His Advisors

Woodrow Wilson's unwillingness to seek advice, his disinclination to hear what was unwelcome to him, and, even more, his penchant for taking an immediate dislike of those who told him what he did not wish to hear, were traits rec

Robert W. Tucker


Attempts to manipulate and corrupt the polls are now a serious woldwide phenomenon.

Humphrey Taylor

The Prudent Irishman: Edmund Burke's Realism

One of the many consequences of communism's collapse is disarray in the conceptual structures of American foreign policy. Without a clear focal point, one-time hawks now flap like doves, while erstwhile doves behave like birds of prey. The strateg

John R. Bolton

The Dangers of Expansive Realism

The Clinton administration's conversion from indifference, or even skepticism of NATO, to insistence on NATO expansion was the result of a combination of disparate events and pressures.

Owen Harries

Doing Well by Doing Good

Americans have never stopped asking themselves what sets them apart from the rest. Rightly so. America was different in its formative years, and it's different now.

Fragmentation and Hubris: A Shaky Basis for American Leadership

As the century draws toward its close, America's position as the leading, if not the dominant, world power appears to be unchallengeable. Yet its preeminence, and certainly its ability to lead, are being undermined by internal weaknesses rather di

James Schlesinger