Tightening the Screws

Staunching the flow of funds to terrorist organizations take more than issuing exective orders. An inside look at a broken process, and how to fix it.

Peter L. Fitzgerald

Meaning Well

Maximilian II managed to be both ahead of his time and behind it simultaneously. His life warns us against allowing ourselves to fall into a similar predicament.

The Little Man's Revenge

The Secret Agent, published in 1907, is about a shadowy anarchist, Adolf Verloc, who owns a shop selling low-end goods in a grimy, working class district of London.

Robert D. Kaplan

A Strange War

The semantic contest to define the conflict that began, or rather became manifest, on September 11 started immediately: Would it be crime or war?

Eliot A. Cohen

Achieving Oil Security: A Practical Proposal

The key to U.S. energy security does not lie ultimately in the Middle East. Cutting domestic demand is critical to near-term American success--and it can be done without raising taxes.

Martin Feldstein

An End to Nonsense

An End to NonsenseByline: Owen HarriesSomeoneâ€"was it Nietzsche? Henry James? Lionel Trilling?â€"hasobserved that those who lack the imagination of disaster are doomedto be surprised by the world.

Owen Harries