Living With China

When applied to China, terms such as "adversary" and "partnet" obscure more than they clarify. A blueprint for American policy rejects both.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Asia in the 21st Century

Great changes are under way and when the dust settles, the Asia we knew will have ceased to exist.

Rajan MenonS. Enders Wimbush

Remembering the Future

Taking seriously the admonition that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat its mistakes.

Paul Wolfowitz

The (Not So) Great Game

Central Asia and the Caucasus, we are often told, are vital political and economic interests for the United States. This is, to put it mildly, a gross exaggeration.

Anatol Lieven

The Folk Who Live on the Hill

Talk of vital interests has become canonical on Capitol Hill. But when pressed to identify these interests, too many congressional Republicans fall silent.

James Kitfield

China's Military, Take 3

A reply to their critics, claiming that James Lilley and Carl Ford miss the forest for the trees.

Bates GillMichael O'Hanlon

NATO and Kosovo

The writer accuses Christopher Layne and Benjamin Schwarz of blaming the victims and exonerating the perpetrators in Kosovo.  The authors respond.

Ivo DaalderChristopher LayneBenjamin Schwarz

Kofi's Rule

Kofi Annan has promulgated a new rule for the conduct of international affairs. But there were difficulties in applying it, in the case if the weak as well as the strong.

Edward Luttwak