Ten Lessons for Nation-Building

After tours  in Afghanistan and Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad will return stateside to replace John Bolton as America's ambassador to the United Nations. Here's what he had to say on nation building in 2005.

The Waking Dragon

The conventional wisdom-put forward by China itself-is that China never entangles itself in international disputes that do not directly threaten China's national interest.

Rejecting Russia?

Why, with all the problems the United States faces in the world, are some eager to provoke a new confrontation  between Washington and Moscow?

Nikolas K. GvosdevDimitri K. Simes

Rethinking Non-Proliferation

Some states are more equal than others. America's non-proliferation strategy should reflect this reality.

Ted Galen CarpenterCharles V. Peña

The Democrat Armed

Democrats need to learn that jobs and healthcare do not make up a national security strategy.

Kurt M. CampbellMichael O'Hanlon