Who's Afraid of Mr. Big?

The "soft" nature of America's international primacy has so far dissuaded other nations from forming a military coalition to balance against the United States. But the prospect is not unthinkable.

Josef Joffe

Bad Statesman, Good Prophet

The shape of the post-Cold War world is not really elusive. It is defined by the Wilsonian triad of democracy, free trade and arms control.

Michael Mandelbaum

Power Houses

Symbolism matters. The great powers know this, and their military architecture reflects it.

Kurt M. Campbell

Getting Hegemony Right

If it is to avoid global resentment and ward off potentially hostile coalitions, the United States must continue to ensure that others have a stake in its hegemonic system.

G. John Ikenberry

The Anglosphere Illusion

The proponents of an English-speaking union have overlooked several important considerations--not least of which is national interest.

Owen Harries