The Cult of Secrecy

Senator Moynihan has expanded his appendix to the Commission on Protecting and Reducing Government Secrecy report into an elegant, quotable, scholarly, and timely book.

Crazy over Cuba

As this important volume demonstrates,  the overriding requirement of the era was not guts but wisdom. On that score, the Kennedys and their lieutenants flunked.

Embassies at Risk

But beyond this business of walls, set-backs, and barbed wire lies a philosophical question: What kind of nation are we? Has America, like Rome, in its declining decades become a garrison state? What is the point of our diplomacy? While the safety

Smith Hempstone

Anatomy of a Farce

U.S. diplomacy in the Persian Gulf region has created a no-win proposition whose dangers far transcend the local security environment

Adam Garfinkle

Loose Cannon

Whereas the principal aim of American nuclear policy during the Cold War was to deter a strong and aggressive Soviet Union, the nuclear risks we face today stem from Russian weakness.

The Logic of Covert Action

Because the United States and the Soviet Union are no longer competing in Third World proxy wars, the rationale for most traditional covert action has disappeared. However, new threats such as terrorism and proliferation may sometimes require the

Bruce D. BerkowitzAllan E. Goodman