Scimitars to Plowshares

Middle Eastern regimes waste national wealth on armaments supplied by an opportunist West, and ordinary people suffer. Responsible Western nations must help break the cycle.

Hossein AskariRana Atie

Reversing Proliferation

For the first time since Hiroshima, we have the objective conditions for halting and reversing WMD proliferation. All we need is for the great powers to cooperate.

Ira Straus

The Authoritarian Illusion

Authoritarian states are judged to be the breeding grounds of poverty, resentment and terrorism, but this is not always the case. What kind of despot fosters extremism?

Gerard Alexander

In Defense of Democratic Realism

What distinguishes "democratic globalism" --the target of Francis Fukuyama's attack-- from the author's own "democratic realism"?  The second chooses its battles more carefully.

Charles Krauthammer

Spies Like Them

If you want to improve America's intelligence, don't read the 9/11 report. Read Buchan's Greenmantle or Kipling's Kim. We need agents of daring and skill, not better bureaucrats.

Richard L. Russell

The Realistic Roosevelt

As president, Teddy Roosevelt was not the Bull Moose of his earlier years. His prudence and respect for the balance of power are a model for any future president.

Tom Parker

Pride and Prejudice

Anti-Americanism takes many forms -- most of them unfair. But as long as it strives to be a City upon a Hill, America Must learn to live with it.

Is John Kerry Isolationist?

Is Senator John Kerry an isolationist? Writing in the Washington Post, Robert Kagan of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace suggested that Senator Kerry might be the agent of an isolationist backlash...